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Originally Posted by scottz5
Insult? It is an insult that you talking crap to me when you only have 142 posts. Have a great holiday! I am not a hater, but I bet you wish you had one to sell!

If you come back talking crap I will just delete the entire post.

I was just trying to help someone out here.

having 1000+ dont mean shit! it only f'ing means u been posting on the site (whether its good or bad info) more then anyone else.
so stop bringing that up cause its stupid!
like u said in another post "If my kid wanted it I would pay whatever the going rate TO MAKE HIS DREAMS COME TRUE. I guess money just means less to me then some members on here. "
if money is not important to you why the f@#$ are you trying to make money other others?
if by having 1000+ post gains respect from members of the board, your thread just made u lose respect.