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Originally Posted by Budge View Post
I just got some Vredestein tires in 255/35-19 and 275/35-19 to go with my stock M3 wheels (E90).

I want to get spacers, but my measurements seem wrong. I am measuring 14mm in the front and 17 in the rear. I used the tape and the ruler method and was only 1mm off between the two.

Does that souund right or am I doing this wrong?

I expected to need smaller spacers because each of my tires is 10mm wider than stock. But that doesn't explain why I might need larger spacers in the rear when it seems almost everyone else uses larger spacers in the front.
i'm will also be using the same tyres (in the future) 255/35-19 and 275/35-19 to go with my stock 19" 220 M3 alloys (E92). has anyone had experience with this set up using spacers? would like to know what sizes you guys are using front and rear.....

budge, did you find out what sizes you needed for yours? i think my e92 may be slightly different to your e90!