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Lightbulb Before I think about an M3, which car do I learn how to drive a MT on?

I was blessed with a 2006 e90 330i (zpp zsp i-drive), and it was shortly taken away (my fault), when I was eighteen-years-old. Half a decade later, I always thought about how I some-what enjoyed the automatic experience but it was boring... I felt un-attached to my vehicle, and I wanted to learn how to drive a stick (but I was too intimidated to try).

I'm sure you have heard this before: The M3 is my dream car, and I was hoping to get some advice...

I'm planning on getting one in two or three years, but in the meantime I want a car to learn how to drive a manual transmission on. I already have a commute car, so I suppose it doesn't have to be driven a lot, but I suppose once I get the hang of it.. I'd want to drive it more.

Which car do you recommend me learning how to drive a manual transmission on? The only people I know who own one drive sports cars, and I don't want to ask them.

I figured a budget of $4-6K (USD) would be appropriate.

I'm not super picky, but I was hoping to get some advice on what I should look for & what I need to plan out (money for maintenance, etc..).
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