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Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
Practical, definitely. Economical, maybe or maybe not. Depends on whether you can DIY or whether you have to pay for all the work done on your cars. If the latter and cost is a consideration, I recommend buying whatever is easiest for the installer to install. I know from experience that paying mechanics to figure out your custom projects often gets expensive fast. It does help that I like working on my cars (a tig welder is on my wish list so I can weld stainless and aluminum nicely).

A new Dinan quad resonator x-pipe is $2900. A new Borla quad resonator pipe is $1500. A new Challenge dual resonator pipe is $1700. I looked for several months and did not find any used ones that I considered cheap (since then, a used Borla appeared at $600, which was an awesome deal). Most of the used x-pipes that are cheap are resonatorless or hacked up with non-stainless pipe inserts, so all the work still has to be done if you want a quiet exhaust.

I also thought about a used stock midpipe for $400 plus a set of Turner test pipes for $400. There would still have some work cutting the stock pipe out, possible welding in the Turner test pipes for the better sealing, and ramming through the stock secondary cats (or cutting, gutting, and rewelding) if you want to be catless. And it would have only dual resonators (although if you left the secondary cats intact, they would provide additional sound muffling).
Ah I see. SO how loud do you think something like the AA xpipe is? I believe it only has 2 resonators.