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Originally Posted by vladinecko
dude, there are more lawsuits and bugs in the new XBox than how much you're trying to make off of it. the hype is gone now. and i don't think you should be thanked for offering it here for "mere" $700 over what you paid for it because i believe only stupid people would buy it for that price. so reading your post was like an insult to me, because you must have just thought something like "oh well, there will be some dumb f*ck on E90post who will buy it."

but good luck selling it anyways. i'm sure there is a rich daddy out there that will buy it for his little spoiled brat that is whining for one because all his 16-year-old friends that drive porsches already have one. they have to stick it in the fridge to actually use it, but they did pay 3-4-times its price for sad is this world.
Insult? It is an insult that you talking crap to me when you only have 142 posts. Have a great holiday! I am not a hater, but I bet you wish you had one to sell!

If you come back talking crap I will just delete the entire post.

I was just trying to help someone out here.
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