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Thanks for posting.

Your results link didn't work for me (could be that it's blocked at work), so I hunted down the results at the official grand am webiste if anyone is curious:

The Turner Motorsports #93 car took 16th out of 44 that competed in the GT class. A respectable finish. Their #94 car had engine problems, unfortunately, and only managed to complete 86 laps. I'm not sure if they ever got the car back on the track after they blew the engine or not, but I don't think so.

Also, since there was some discussion about it in another thread, I was curious about the sister BMW Performance 200 race that was also run at Daytona this past week and features the GS and ST classes:

Here Turner faired better. They got 6th place for car #97, and 7th place for car #96. I notice that M3s are very prevalent in the top standings, with Boss 302Rs also being very competitive (one finished in first place).

The other interesting thing is the 128i entries in the ST class. Turner doesn't campaign a car in that class, but it's cool to see that even the entry level BMW has some success in racing (3rd place finish).
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