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Originally Posted by chief View Post
Today I went through the USAA warranty and the Zurich Comprehensive warranty. They are very similar, excluding nearly identical items such as brakes, shocks, belts, hoses, clutch, light bulbs and all body panels and trim pieces - to name just a few. For me and the car I am purchasing ('08 E92 with 25k miles) the USAA warranty looks to be the winner.

USAA offered me 5 years or 75,000 (total) miles for $3000 (no deductible, includes rental and trip interruption).

The Zurich plan, also at 5 years or 75k miles is $4700 (no deductible, includes rental and trip interruption).

I'll scan the sample contracts I received and get them posted.
EDIT: my comments below may only apply to the "wrap" type of plan, I still can't figure out what the intended coverage is for a "comprehensive" plan though

Hey Chief, I looked at the sample contract you posted (thanks for that) and it looks like they measure the 5 years from your vehicles "in-service" date if you were between 12k and 50k miles when you purchased the warranty. Check out page 2 section (1)(a). You should have some kind of "expiration date" on the actual contract though and that will win out over this sample of course. Curious if you got 5 years from the warranty purchase or from "in-service".

I am looking at getting a USAA extension and thought I should have a look over this before purchasing. I am hoping for 5 actual years and it looks like that is the case if you have under 12k miles when you get the warranty.

Thanks for any more info you can provide.

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