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How to get air out of the ABS Pump?

There's a possibility that air may have gotten trapped into my ABS pump

If this is the case, other than going to the dealer and having them fix it, what's the best solution?

I found out that when my StopTech SS lines were originally installed a couple months ago, they weren't tight enough. Also, there were leaks around the line areas... and when the brakes were bleed, there was a lot of air...
I originally thought i had crappy pedal feel cause I boiled my Motul 600, but it seems that wasn't the only issue (air being the main one). Before the BBK, I had to push my pedal far down, almost to the floor, to even stop at parking lot speeds. When I pressed hard, the car stopped no problem...I just had to push the pedal down to the floor..

I had a StopTech Trophy BBK installed very recently.
When I brake, the car stops. But the pedal doesn't feel firm (or as firm as I'd like it). Much better than before the BBK though... that's for sure.
I need to push it in more than I want to...
my grandma's altima has a more responsible pedal! (car is only 2months old, but it's an altima lol)

No I have no bed the pads in, I will do that today.

But both the tech (not the same person that did a bad SS Line install months ago) that installed the BBK and a friend whom I get advice from (he's been involved with track cars longer than I've been allowed to drive) both mentioned the possibility of air in the ABS pump (or worse, a damaged ABS system), so thus this is one area I would like to address.

Anyway to get this addressed other than the dealer?
As I've heard you need to use the BMW computer to pressurize the line and such...