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Originally Posted by 03BeastCharmer View Post
So have the BMW teams not petitioned for the engine, or have they and have been denied the opportunity to use the new engine? With all of the changes to the chassis for DP you would think they would allow the teams to upgrade their engines.
I honestly do not have an official answer to that except money and a big change in rules coming. I don't think anyone wanted to invest the money into making an interim change when the rules are rumored to be changing significantly in favor of fuel savings.

DTM should be announced as coming to the states at some point this year (2013-14 open season) and that too will be associated with NASCAR/GRAND AM, meaning that will be a naturally aspirated V8 tube chassis car series (sound familiar). Grand AM DPs are rumored to get to use turbo smaller displacements engines of equivalent power at that point. DTM is bigger money and factory sponsored so NASCAR is going to adapt other series to accommodate it seems.

I haven't been given any official statement on this but that is what is being rumored.