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Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
thats what i told them, but they said its cheaper for all 5 of them if they take 1 car
you guys are fucking high! or at least you better be high, cause that's the only way you'll likely not kill each other. seriously...that's a slave drive. I-10 is flat, straight, and mostly desolate. I-75/95 aren't much better in florida. there are literally 100 mile gaps in florida without an exit. after doing dallas to tampa drive in one sitting once, i forever stopped mobile after that. by the time you get to mobile, you'll be wanting to stab your eyeballs out.

also take into account that just the state of florida alone will account for over half of the drive. FL panhandle is straight and flat for hundreds of miles, then I-95 to miami isn't much better, and equally long.

last thing to factor in is how exhausted you're gonna be from the drive. you're going on a cruise, which is supposed to be pleasurable and relaxing, and i'm willing to bet that you guys will all be sick of each other from being in such close quarters by the time you get to miami. save the stress and find a cheap airfare. or if you insist on driving, you can go cheaply and chill with all the questionable people of the world on...