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Originally Posted by Night Hawk View Post
Every since I can remember, I've always been a huge fan of JL Audio and pretty much all of my rides with the exception of my current and last M3 has had JL Audio. With that said, I am wanting to upgrade my EPS system in my 2011 M3 with something along the lines of the 8in Subs and an amp as my system is growing weak on me, I think I am getting too used to it; it was great at first.

I listen mainly to Rock, R&B and Rap/Hip-Hop genre's and love my bass punchy for my rock and down low and carrying when listening to R&B and Rap. I was wondering if the JL Audio 8W3v3-4 Subs will fit under the seat? I, for some reason cannot find the specs of the under seat enclosure. Also, I am wanting to go with a subwoofer amp to drive these at the rated RMS power levels it is suggesting. Will I also need a LOC? or anything else to make the work or will I just have to go with the same set-ups (SWS/Rockfords) that everyone else has? Will these drown out my mids and highs as well? Thanks!
The underseat OEM woofer enclosures max depth is about 2.75" , and that's with a 0.75" spacer.

JL Audio website shows that 8W3v3-4 at 4.63" deep.

If what you are looking for are underseat subs then the only game in town is the SWS-8. A real sub under the seat requires a custom enclosure and only if it does not hit the seat rails.

Get a trunk 12W3v3-4 sub, a pair of Jehnerts mid bass drivers and a XD500/3 and call it a day, I would say.

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