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Originally Posted by richpuer View Post
+1....dude, i get pissed when i have to fork over a $25.00 dollar late fee...ill lose sleep over it.

and just cause you have a lot of money doesn't mean you go around pissing it away...ive got this client that's got $5 million bucks in cash sitting in one of his accounts with me and he chews my head off and curses my firm every time I charge him a $ONE DOLLAR check writing fee. bitch earns 16k in interest every month off this acct and still complains about a $1 fee.

anyway..OT...but this thread has been largely OT so i dont care...just something to do while waiting for the next episode of Storage Wars.
I do think your company charges me left and right, one dollar here, one dollar there.
And, I dont like it when you call me bitch publicly like this.

However, since you're making me 16k/mo, I will let this go for 1 time.
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