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Originally Posted by Sylon View Post
I think I've asked this to friends that have done it, but can you always go back to the way it was before jailbreaking?

I have a Nook Color that I rooted and put Android Gingerbread on. I enjoy modding that because if I brick it, oh well, no big deal. My phone, however, it a litter different. I don't have a back-up for that, and if I screw up my phone, I'm now without a phone. Technology and I don't get along, it doesn't like me very much. I tend to break things, lol.
Yeah you can restore it if you do a backup before you jailbreak it.

Its a pretty easy process to jailbreak, in fact this is the easiest jailbreak yet. I really wanted to jailbreak so I could have a video out function for my dish network app. Now I can watch live tv and anything on my dvr at home, on my (advic z130bt) head unit in my suburban. Its pretty sweet to have a live game playing while your driving, in the passenger seat of course