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Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport Automotive
Originally Posted by apme123 View Post
they bought it back so they can resell it. When I managed a shop we would go out of our way if a customer had a problem, especially if he is spending that kind of money. Customer service should be AA number 1 priority. Because satisfactory experiences are expected. If someone has a bad experience they'll tell twice as many people. Just look at this thread 27k views and counting
What I am assuming your idea of "out of their way" is going out of their pocket. If you were a shop manager, would you like people causing drama on a forum for you to clear up (generally speaking to everyone) when you have done your due diligence and they only know what is posted (in turn, making them know it entirely in their eyes)? As an acting manager...if you believe, and better yet KNOW your company was not at fault for this and you even took back the product to help the customer for financial recovery, is it also your responsibility to pay for the consequential damage NOT caused by your company, staff, work or products?

Satisfactory to Active could mean - they had the car there, clearly as you suggested they should (15months ago) to read the ECU and return it to stock. When in their liability agreement (in which you agree when you purchase the product) they are not responsible for charges of re/re of the kit. If you spend 16k without looking into details of your purchase then this should not be a financial problem..and if you are well, I really don't know how you came this far to afford an E9X M3, let alone start getting into modding one.

Satisfactory for the customer could mean not paying a penny, since they did the S/C now this why should they be out of pocket?

You could draw the line on 50% but really - that's not fair.

Some of your posts just seem as if you (and many others) are here to cause Drama...and didn't bother reading through everything and seeing the real facts (in which this situation does lack), unless you consider speculation to be a fact. You're only defaming yourself....the automotive industry may seem big, but trust me it is not when forums are involved...and people do remember things (to both fellow sponsors, and customers).

I am not taking sides, or pointing fingers at anyone....but the word FACT is thrown around so much by the uneducated on this forum that is really tiresome to read through 31 pages of BS. Out of 27k views how many of it is to see a show and how many to see the facts. You said my answer yourself in your previous posts.

The best part of the thread is people being judgemental, who live on the other side of the country and have no association with either party.

Given that, I'd suggest for the thread to be locked and cleaned...and re opened when there is a conclusion on the matter. Otherwise this thread only looks like a cheap shot to defame a legendary company and really, they are getting defamed for something we cannot prove at this point. Every other sponsor would agree if they put their self in Active's shoes.
Wow Jon, just wow! Glad to hear a voice of reason.