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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post
I am sooooo tired of hearing how cops put their lives on the line every day to protect all of us helpless "civilians" from the scum of the earth. Do you realize that being a cop is one of the safest jobs on the planet? Do you realize that the vast majority of cops killed on the job are killed in traffic accidents? You want to talk about people that put their lives on the line to help the average person? Try farmers, fisherman, minors, truck drivers, oil rig workers, iron workers, electricians or people in the construction trades. Every one of those is more dangerous than being a cop. If you don't believe me try the

US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The majority of cops are decent, hard working, honest folks. However, there is a not insignificant number of douche-bags wearing badges and carrying guns out there. So there is nothing wrong with people coming out and complaining when they've been treated like crap by someone who's job it is to serve and protect.

Citizens elect leaders to make laws in the interest of the citizens.
This includes laws that protect you from attack, burglary, etc.
Police are supposed to uphold the law, meaning prevent attack, burglary, etc.

I'm annoyed to no end seeing things like the 'Virginia Tech shootings', with a crowd of cops standing around outside the building, doing NOTHING to stop whoever is inside. Waiting out the perpetrator until he gives up or kills himself... while [in the meantime] he could be killing more people. Some sacrifice...
They're trained to first protect themselves. Helping citizens is secondary...

You call the cops because people are trespassing, dumping trash on your property, and they say 'they don't have time to deal with it'.

You go to them because someone defrauded you. You give them the transaction details, the perpetrators name, address, bank account, etc, and they say 'they don't have time to deal with it'.

But what do they have time for? Writing speeding tickets...

Like getting pulled over and having a gun pointed at you for going 15 over (on a highway/byway)?
Nice to know that they'd rather risk our lives (with a trip/stumble that could make them set off the gun), than risk their own approaching a citizen they should be protecting. (Looks more like they would sacrifice citizens before sacrificing themselves...)

Ever stopped to ask for directions, and have them turn on you for 'interrupting' their chat? Making out like you're lucky they tolerated it...

Or asked a cop at a roadblock if you can get by to go to your house that's a few hundred feet past, and had them go off on your for 'threatening their life', because 'you could be approaching them for anything, including to kill them'? (Psycho...)

What a F'ing waste of air those people.

And then they want a pat on the back for their 'sacrifice'.
They signed up for the job. They get PAID to do it. That's not sacrifice, that's a job that they AGREED TO THE TERMS OF. This isn't conscription, no one is forcing them to do it. If they don't like it, they're welcome to switch jobs to something else. If they don't like it, they should have thought ahead before making life decisions.

Literally, HALF of my interactions with cops were plain getting harassed.
The other half were decent people (50/50 is NOT good odds).
Every time I've asked them for help, I'd get told to get lost or they harassed me for it.

Friggin' criminals have not been as much of a problem for me...

AND I never argued with a cop.
Always yes sir, no sir, etc.
Always polite to them, even when they're turning colors screaming at me with psycho rages.

Funny extra, ex gf who liked to date cops... stories about them flying off the hook, kicking down her door, breaking into her place at night, etc. She ended up buying a gun to protect herself.


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