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Originally Posted by motosan View Post
Dear all:
Brought my car to the dealership to check on steering wheel rattling sound which has been bugging me for months. Dealer was able to locate the problem but the parts won't get shipped until Tuesday so they are keeping my car over the weekend. I am guessing that they took down the steering wheel parts so that's why they wanted to keep my car at their shop so it was no bigge (and plus I commute like crazy so I can use a loaner for better fuel economy ).

Anyway by the end of that car, the SA was like, "hey your throttle body and fuel injection need to be cleaned. I have a coupon for you to save about $100". According to him it's dirty enough to get cleaned, but my questions are:

1) I've had this car for 1.2 years with 16500 miles. Is it already time to do cleaning on throttle body and fuel injection?
2) Can I trust my dealer to clean those parts? Will they mess it up more???

Please share your thoughts... Thank you!