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unless you are doing co-op while studying, the sooner you are out the better.

Originally Posted by fattychalupa View Post
Well this is quite a random place to post this question, but I think there are a lot of members here who could chime in with some really good advice.

So as of now I'm a freshman majoring in business up at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I love it here, but I'm thinking of whether or not I should graduate a year early, due to my amount of AP credits I took in high school. An older sibling is advising me against it saying that the job market is still basically terrible right now, but I honestly don't know which path to choose. I've always been the kind of person who likes to get ahead and start things early, which is why I originally wanted to graduate sooner but I don't want to do so if there's no actual benefit in the end.

If I try to graduate early I will admit I'll have a full schedule (4-5 classes/quarter) but the fact I'd be saving so much money is a big deciding factor. Yet, if I do stay the whole time I would potentially minor in either photography (just because I love it) or Industrial Technology (because it would actually be useful). So what would you guys recommend?

-more time to build relationships, get internships, network, and make connections
-I can take less classes (3) per quarter and potentially get better grades
-More free time for extracurriculars and part time jobs.
-Have time to do a minor (although this bumps my schedule to 4 classes/quarter)

-another year of expenses/tuition/etc, ~$22,000 almost (this is a big factor for me)
-missing out on a head start on job hunting

P.S. Any thoughts on joining a co-ed business fraternity vs a regular social one?
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