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Originally Posted by jgraves View Post
Ok, guys we have a rematch of Super Bowl 2008 where our New York Giants took not only the Super Bowl but an end the The New England Pariots unprecidendented undefeated season. We now have a chance to prove once again who has the best team in the entire National Football League. We have to stand in full force behind our New York Giants, because no one in the entire media a month ago thought Ely Manning could get us there again. I personally, I'm not a New York Giants fan. I am a Philadelphia Eagle and Micael Vick fan, but I also support The New York Giants. Think about it, we are playing in Indianapolis, Indiana at the stadium his own brother built as a Super Bowl Champion. Now we have to face one of the best teams that we beat again in The Super Bowl to finally prove who is best. Tell me what my fellow F30 Fanatics think...........