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Question for Home Media People

I'm trying to figure out if my idea will work. Anyone familiar with NAS systems, media players, and powerline kits??? Here's what I want to do. I'm running out of room on the external hard drives that I have, so I'm looking into getting a NAS. However, my main tv and media player are in a separate room from my pc and modem/router. I have a WD Livewire Powerline kit that I have connected to my modem/router in one room, with the other adapter plugged into the wall next to the main tv and media player.

I have about a little over 2TB of blu-ray rips (20-40 GB) that will not stream through the powerline kit without stuttering. So I have just been using an external HDD and moving it back and forth from the PC to upload content to the other room to play it on the media player. But now I need more storage and want a NAS, however, I don't want to have to move that back and forth. So here's what I was thinking.

Keep the NAS in the main room, attached to the media player via USB so that I can play the media directly attached. Then connect to the powerline adapter so that it is on my network and can be seen by the computer. This way I can transfer files to the NAS without having to move it back and forth. I know this may be slower, but it's better than moving it back and forth.

Will this work like I'm thinking, or will the USB and ethernet ports on the NAS not act like I'm thinking? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.