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[quote=Only thing that would make this Soap Opera even better is if he is partnering with an ex AA employee or two [/QUOTE]
Ding, ding, the same past AA salesman who went to bat for him and got a refund on the supercharger kit has recently opened doors on a new business venture about 5 miles from AA. The past employee however, has taken the high road and has left no disparaging remarks about Active, he has quietly gone about building up his new business, and here comes the bull in the china shop. It all makes sense now, I've been following the twists and turns of this debacle for the last few days, and always had this nagging feeling that there was more to it than a "you left me high and dry". Speaking from experience, I had a cls55 with pulley, cooling and a custom tune. The pulley shattered destroying the keyhole for the supercharger, the pulley manufacturer's only help was to replace the broken pulley, leaving me to cover the thousands in expenses to repair the car. The OP's actions are in essence nonsensical, unless explicitly stated otherwise when you modify your car you assume all risks with regards to failure, sure they could have extended an olive branch and mitigated some of the OP's losses, but that would have been completely by choice.