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Originally Posted by robb7979 View Post
I didn't, but a colleague of mine got one right at the same time I got my E90 M3. He paid slightly more.

While his car has a definitely more exotic look, it is drastically less practical. I felt, with my 5'10" (145lbs) frame, cramped. The interior did have a decidedly cheap feel. Handling was superb. Acceleration felt adequate, until you switched back to the M3.

I may be biased (my colleague agreed on all these points), but the M3 felt more refined in almost every aspect. If feels huge after the lotus, because it is. Then you start pushing it, and it almost feels as light as the Lotus. It will never garner the "wow" look, but that's not why I bought it. Test drive them both, and tell me you don't come to the same conclusion.
I agree with you. I test drove the Evora quite a few times and always enjoyed driving my ///M more when I got back in it.