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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
Just shows how much cars have evolved in the last 20 years. Sometimes makes it scary when a totally novice student shows up in a brand new M3, Z06 or GTR

Brings back memories. I also ran the "old track" back in the mid-nineties in a modded VW A2 GTI (1920lbs and 188WHP) doing Solo 1 events. My best time was a 2:02.something.

I do miss some features of the old track. Especially the hump (turn 9). They lowered it significantly (about 14' if I remember correctly) and you barely feel it anymore (at 1:11 in my vid, you can actually see how they cut in the mountain on both sides of the track). Rumor has it F1s caught air on this turn back in the days. You would get no weight on the tires, then wait, wait, until the car settled and then hard as hell on the brakes for turn 10. That excitement is gone. However, the track is much safer and still very fast and tons of fun. You must come back, would be fun to see you there .
In a car a lot faster than our 335is you had to nail that crest straight on or you got real squirrely as I did in a Mustang that would spin the tires in 4th gear there.To go quick there you had to run a soft setup as it was so rough.The pavement was so abrasive that a wet lap time was only 4-5 seconds slower than the dry.I had good sucess there as it was where I got my 1st class win in a Pro race and clinched our Championship there.Of the 3 races that we ran there in 1990 2 of them were wet.Fond memories of there for sure.I will try to make it there for sure this year!

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