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Originally Posted by abehwang View Post
I work at a gas station and by law gasoline is required to have these "additives" that will clean injectors, engine, etc... Yes, BP, Shell, Chevron, and Texaco may advertise that they have this or that which means that they probably added more of the additives that were already there. It's like this... everyone needs a certain daily dose of calcium but adding more calcium pills sometimes doesn't really do anything. We urinate most of the excess calcium from our body. So having these extra additives aren't really essential. It's all marketing. All I'm saying is that you can go to any gas station (branded or unbranded) and your engine and injectors and whatever will still be cleaned.
Not quite right. I worked for a gasoline wholesaler in Northern NJ. We'd buy generic blend gas from the refineries. Gasoline is a commodity that is refined all over the world. Delivered price determined where we bought it from. In many cases it came from Europe although not so much now - remember, price. Not much if any additives from the refineries - these are expensive. Each "name brand" would load up their tank truck and then pour in their own additives package. Some of the brand "X" trucks would put little or NO additives. are better off buying a top tier brand and 93 octane if you can get it.