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Don't give up your BMW or this could happen.

So up until August of this year I was the proud owner of 2008 335xi. Damn do I miss that car, it made me smile every time I drove it. Sadly it was a lease and I had to give it up. At the time I was living in So Cal. So I drove a lot, and the tire screeching AWD launch, made stop and go traffic much more interesting. So I moved to DC. Based on some money consideration, and that well DC is supposed to have great public transit. I decided not to bring a car with me.

But there is a saving grace... I still had my Aprillia RS250 Cup Version street bike. So there was still some fun and acceleration in my life. So during my move, I drove to my parents house, and left my bike there with the plans to having it shipped out to DC in a few weeks.

Well here is where it all goes down hill, I leave the bike in my folks garage and fly to DC. My dad is an avid motorcycle rider as well. Well a week goes by, and I start arranging shipping to get my bike. When I call my dad to get the details, he says, "Son, I have some bad news." AHHHH CRAP. What happened. So he tells me he took my bike out for a ride, and something has happened to the motor. Well I have never seen a piston so beat up. I don't know exactly what happened but I suspect he put cheap gas in my high strung race motor.... So at least dad is doing the right thing, and paying to fix it. If and when I can get the parts, I am still waiting on some from Italy.

So now it is X-mas. The motor for my bike is in 30 pieces on the bench. I am still morning the loss of my BMW as I walk in the snow. I can't even get there in a hurry if I had too. So my parents call me up all excited and tell me they got me a great present. So what am I thinking... A car, a bike? I don't know.... Well look to post 2, to see what they got me.

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