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About the new DLC. The Aventador sounds great and drives nicely when the centrediff is at 20F/80R or even more rwd biased 10/90. Great car.

The Aston is a nice heavyweight drifter and the Jag XJR 9 is almost the fastest car out of the box in GT5(?) , 940BHP from an atmo V12. With the same car fellow Dutchman Jan Lammers won Le Mans back in 1988(750BHP)

In the trainingsessions at the Mulsanne Straight back then he got >402kmh on the speedo(that's 250mph!) Later he told the press he was a bit afraid the whole car would takeoff at that speed(very low drag/low downforce) but he didn't want to show his fear(...) to his fellow drivers/team...

I can do 250mph flatout while drinking a beer in GT5. Excellent.