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Originally Posted by Voice of reason View Post
I may be a little optimistic, the way I see it:
By creating the M performance models, BMW M will have room to make the pure M models more focused and hardcore
Up to now the M cars had to play a dual role, now that this gap (M Performance) has been filled M will move further into the hardcore, focused territory!
Anyway my 2c- hope I am right!!!
Well I am hoping indeed that you are right; I do still like or love the brand. I think we should all avoid blind love in order for us as customers and clients do not become sheep and continue to get "True" value out a brand that we have grown to appreciate and like.

At the same time, I'm sure most of us can understand the drive for a business to grow and make money (+profits), which allows it to do more than survive, but actually grow.

The packages are very nice (Wheels, front and rear designs/bumpers and Interiors), the overall designs are nice (except for the face of that new 3 and side profile of that nose ... which is not in the line up yet ). I think what does kinda suck is things like the M///X5 50d, M///550d and the little M/// badges just bring it into the "trinket" world.

I'm all for taking the M/// brand more dedicated and hardcore, I think they could have done that by building a close the gap branding from the M/// division instead of plastering M/// all over non dedicated and actual M/// cars.

It is also OK for fans and clients to fight for the soul of a brand; hoping to balance growth with tasteful marketing packaging and design.

on the watering down of the M/// moniker on the design and packages.