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Originally Posted by SimSimma View Post
Its interesting to read the responses to my issue. I guess on these forums it's difficult to express tone of the situation and every nuance of how everything went down.The officer pulled me over within 25 yards of me passing him....I noticed him and clearly wasnt revving my engine excessively. I barely got out of 1st gear before his cherries came on so he didnt even get to hear my car for no more than a few seconds.

Me getting an aftermarket exhaust is totally on me....I get that. It's the risk I take. But his tone about my "nice car" and the way he mentioned the same thing to my wife in a seperate instance seems like he's profiling by class. The way he also threatened me in front of my kids that I will be summonsed the next time he sees me and could receive jail time seems extreme and inappropriate....over what, an exhaust????!!!!

Anyway, I've spoken to my next door neighbour who is a retired officer and he agrees that the officer I encountered is out of line. He suggested that we file a complaint directly with the Inspector of the officer's division which we will do on Tuesday after the long weekend.
Only you know precisely what happened so I'll take your version. I agree with you that reporting it is the correct thing to do. Most officers are doing their best while performing a difficult job. There are a few that need to be reprimanded or canned. This officer appears to be one of those.

I don't worry too much about reporting an officer and getting harassment. I have enough patients who are current/former officers and a few DAs/ADAs to help run interference if someone gets out of line. Just make sure that you realize what the report can mean for you. If you aren't at least a "bit connected", it might end up being a bigger headache than it is worth.