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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
Dunno if I'd wait for that, because then you'll also want to wait for the price shock to go down.

Look at the 3930K, it's not even all that incredible and the proc plus mobo will set you back quite a bit. I expect the same once the new die comes along. If you're building a gaming rig, there's really no better option (on the Intel side) than the 2500K, if budget is a concern.
The 3930K is a Sandy Bridge-E chip. 'E' stands for Extreme. This is by all intensive purposes a hardcore enthusiast's chip, and no one would ever recommend such a chip to another person asking for help simply selecting components. It is priced as such. ~$1300

The new Intel chips will not be Extreme enthusiast editions, but rather general market processor solutions. Looking at Intel's current mainstream product lineup and pricing, it ranges from $200 - $400. This will be the expected price range for the new Ivy Bridge CPU's.