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Originally Posted by UNivek View Post
Congratz! I have two car seats in they E90. One back facing and one front facing. One sunshine and one britax (frontier) for front facing. Got the sunshine initially for its compactness. But the britax is much easier to buckle. Can show u how they look/fit so u can make ur decision. : )

As for protection, I got those lion heart full seat protection. Folks on the forum have also recommended to add a cloth underneath for add protection.

U'll have a blast! My 3 year old was saying "wee!" at age two whenever we go on an on ramp. : )
OP. Congrats on the new car and the switch. I moved from a 535 M sport to my current E90 M3.

There are a few threads on car seats that provide a wealth of information. I never had rear facing seats in my E90, but I do know it's a pretty tight fit in the left or right position. I'm sure you already know the middle is the safest position, and the seat will fit just fine.

I use a Sunshine Kids RadianXT and Britax Frontier, like UNivek. I've also had a Recaro Pro-Sport in the car. Best all-round seat for me was the Recaro, followed closely by the Britax. The Sunshine Kids is great for it's compact size and foldability for travel though. Too bad Recaro's aren't certified in Canada as of yet.

Have fun!
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