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Originally Posted by Dodge2Dub View Post
Ah, the second paragraph answers the question. Is there any issue on an NA engine if a s/w glitch occurs allowing the meth enhanced timing to continue while the meth stops flowing?
There is really no chance for a software glitch to allow for aggressive mapping without the presence of methanol flow. Even the flow meter itself is pared down to the basics. Unlike the off-the-shelf Aquamist flow meter (which itself has been proven to be dead nuts reliable over the years), our custom provides a raw 0-5v square wave signal provided from a hall sensor reading the turbine blades. Virtually no additional electronics to add complication. Remember that this methanol control system was first designed on the N54 twin turbo engine where it would be used to bump boost and timing to levels that are completely unsupportable on race gas.

In the case of the s65 kit, the mapping we use when methanol is flowing is about as aggressive as what we've seen with off-the-shelf flashes. The difference being that the mapping is supportable (and results in power) when the Procede calls upon it (in presence of methanol flow). Whereas the aggressive mapping I've seen in the flashes only comes into play when running on race gas. All other times, the knock sensor is working overtime to keep the engine from pinging.