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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
From the first post:

"This FULLY INTEGRATED methanol system has no peers. It is fully controlled by the PROcede, not NOT an independent controller. Which means the the same computer that controls your engine also controls the Methanol Injection metering. As such, it operates in feed-forward configuration which yields perfectly safe and consistent results. The PROcede Engine Control Computer drives the injection solenoid and measures actual methanol flow. It is only when the internally calculated flow target is reached that the Procede makes the tune more aggressive by advancing timing and adjusting AFR. Which means that any unexpected stoppage of flow results in an immediate corresponding change in engine mapping." if the meth runs out, the map changes. Of course, you could just run the meth with the stock programming also, and you will still gain power by running max stock timing. But, from what Shiv has stated, there is additional timing which can be added in the mid-upper range without detonation. This isn't in the stock map, but is safe to add in per his testing. I'm sure Shiv will correct me if I've misstated anything : )
Ah, the second paragraph answers the question. Is there any issue on an NA engine if a s/w glitch occurs allowing the meth enhanced timing to continue while the meth stops flowing?
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