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Originally Posted by sterz85 View Post
i think it comes down to what you want to do with the phone and modding/rooting
I never saw the benefit to rooting and running other roms. Nothing really wrong with it, I am just not a power phone user. At that point I'd rather get behind a desktop.

I think the default rom it's loaded with truly works just fine. And I've seen videos of people running an ICS rom on a SGS2, and while it works, seeing the 3 buttons taking up screen real estate is bothersome to me. (Imagine taking the bottom 4 touch bottoms from a SGS2, and just tacking it onto the bottom of a Galaxy Nexus. Then making the screen smaller to compensate.)

I am sure there is some feature I am not aware of that a rom will enable you to benefit from though. But I wouldn't base my purchase of a phone on the fact that I could then go and change it immediately. Might as well buy the international version at that point, and get the front facing button!