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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Templars' link looks pretty solid. You might be able to nickel and dime some of those parts for slightly cheaper if you really worked at it, or if you lived near a MicroCenter. But otherwise it's not a bad package. Also, the SSD is a little small for my test even as just a boot drive. But it's enough to do the job.

I liked all the very easily removable filters that case had on the fans.

Also, a note on the AMD 7000 series. Currently, there is only 1 card on the market. I think the 2nd might be out sometime this week or next. But your options here are pretty limited until they roll out more products in the line.

With today's prices, you can get a pretty high end machine for sub ~$1500. A ~$2000 machine is basically just a $1500 machine with SLI or CrossFire.

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