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AA didn't want to assume any responsibility for this, for reasons unknown. Perhaps they didn't want the bad press to get out...too late.

I tried to address this with them over a year ago and even more recent. They did not help me offset the cost of repair. Once I gathered they weren't going to help me, the consumer, is when I felt it necessary to inform other potential consumers of my experience.

Had I got a "Professional analysis" performed before I was convinced to revert bak to stock I would more than likely have an even better leg to stand on. Unfortunately I didn't spend the extra $$ to do so and decided the AA kit was not a safe bet for my vehicle anymore.

While data analysis from my engine block from a firm may have proven some things, the fact that tunes and other misc items were changed would have thrown a fork in the middle of it. Trust me, if I could go back and have gotten a tear down from a diagnostic/forensic firm I would have!