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Originally Posted by MPoweredAuto View Post

Just a quick google find. Pre-ignition. Wouldn't that put added strain on a rod/piston if it was running lean? I think everyone can agree the pics posted indicate it was running lean. How lean? Lean enough to over time cause damage. How could the engine be running lean?

The tune.

From my understanding, the tune for this setup was changed after my engine failure. Why, if they felt confident in it from the start?

Begs me to want to share more about the other first run M3's equipped with this kit but I will stick to my car and my case.

Thank you.
BMW revises software well as every tuner. That doesn't prove anything.

Over-revving engines also causes stress on components.

That being said, running this engine very lean is a terrible idea. Running this engine lean on a SC car is beyond a terrible idea.

The plugs being "white" really doesn't prove anything either from what I understand. I didn't know this until this thread, but it makes perfect sense. It is common for cars on meth to have "clean" plugs because of the meth. Another member also supported this fact with personal experience.

You should have downloaded the tune. A tuner with access to all the maps could tell you what was different. Of course, not sure how the meth ties into the system and what controls that...pretty hard to say this or that was too lean or too much timing without looking at how the system works as a could also try to track down a new version of their software vs. your old one. Probably very difficult to do now.

You should have had your engine analyzed if you wanted to really know what happened for sure. You should have also addressed this with AA in a much different manner IMHO.

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