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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
True. But according to OP, only 1200 or so miles with the SC installed. If the clearances were marginal stock in this specific engine, could the extra charge from the SC push out the oil film in the bearings?

Further, didn't the Gintani engine run several seasons before they tore it down and observed the worn bearings?

Gearhead raised a good point: Were the jounals seized on the failed tie rod of the OP's engine?
Yes the extra forces due to the supercharger "could" break down the oil film, however, at the rated horsepower of this kit it should have been OK! There are hundreds of ESS kits out there running similar horsepower and no failures. There most likely was a contributing factor that caused this failure, and it is one of the many things I mentioned a few posts ago....... An over rev (either from the OP, someone from the shop, someone who drove it while it was a demo), detonation from bad tuning, or a manufacturers defect/assembly error (the one which I think is the least propable given the mileage on the vehicle before the failure).

Everything from here on in is going to be speculation, we won't know, we can only make these theories, a proper analysis needs to be done.

If I could see it in person I could tell you with 90-95% certainty what the cause was and if the journal had seized, but, after the failure and the forces involved, again, one couldn't tell unless it was analyzed by a proper materials engineering/failure analysis firm. The specialized equipment and FEM software used by these firms is required to be 100% sure of causes and effects!
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