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Originally Posted by Chowster View Post
Can someone enlighten me on how RaceDeck floors handle pooled water when one brings in a car from heavy rain or snow? I understand the water would go under the floor, but is there some sort of drainage channel or system? Seems to me that the water would take forever to evaporate under there unless it was blown out with a leaf blower or a master blaster.

On my regular concrete floor, I can sweep or shovel the water out (after alot of melted snow or slush), but I wonder how one handles this on RaceDeck or even Epoxy.

No issues. You can sweep most of the muck out. The tiles are open underneath so the little water that seeps between the tiles will drain down if your garage is mildly sloped like most are. The tiles snap pretty tightly, however, so the water getting underneath is minimal.
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