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There was a bystander hit with a stray bullet.

Re why the dog was out but not released:

"rather than giving foot chase, simply drove up next to the suspects and told them to get on the ground or he would send the dog. (This was just a bluff, but it worked.) Both subjects immediately stopped and got on the sidewalk, conveniently placing themselves in position to be searched and arrested"

Then a few days later: "tried to assist by grabbing onto the suspect’s second arm. Even then, the suspect refused to comply, and continued kicking and wrestling with both the officers. Officer called K9 out of the car and told the dog to lay down at Officer’s side. The dog obeyed perfectly and barked, but did not even attempt to bite, even though his handler was still wrestling with the suspect. The suspect, upon seeing and hearing the dog, immediately went limp and allowed himself to be taken into custody without further incident.