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Haven't seen this asked before:

1) How does this play with factory warranty? Providing that someone will "unistall completely" the hardware and the software of the system, will the dealer still be able to see modifications that were done in ECU memory?

2) Do you have any comparitives between a "bone stock" M3 (including a stock exhaust) and one with only the Meth/Procede added to it? From what I've learned, a high-flow exhaust alone would add some (10whp) peak hp to a stock car. By dedcutive reasoning, would the Meth/Procede system only add 10-15whp to a stock car? Or does your graph indicate "stock tune" with exhaust already installed?

I realize that there is more to a graph than peak numbers, I see that you guys have improved the engine's power nicely between 5.5k and 7K. Is there any chance you can show us completely stock M3 vs Meth/Procede.

3) what if you are caught in a snow storm, you run out of Meth/water mixture and you still need to clean your windshield while driving. IF you use windshield washer fluid (or of some idiot at a dealership puts windshield washer fluid into the resevoir). Can you potentially blow up the motor?

Last question. I'm going to approach this from a "worse-case-scenario" perspective. I noticed your system is at 180psi .... thats a lot of pressure. Lets say for some unexplained reason, the meth injection lines rupture and the meth mixture squirts everywhere. Are there any ill-known side effects of meth to belts, hoses, etc?