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Originally Posted by SimSimma View Post
Thanks for the input KJ.

The officer was from 11 Division and I got pulled over at Annette and Keele.

My wife and I are both fighting our tickets with this officer and have requested court dates. Last Wednesday, we met with the officer's Inspector of the Division. We came in with the approach that we werent there to try to get out of the tickets as we plan on fighting those through the proper channels in court. We explained that we were there to bring it to his attention that we were concerned on how we were treated as citizens and that we had issue with the conduct of one of his officer's.

The Inspector gave us kudos for coming in and chatting to him as he recognized that it's not an easy decision to do. He also mentioned that as citizens we have every right to voice our concerns with any officer we encounter. He said that we could file a formal complaint with the police board but we didnt feel we needed to go down that road.....yet. We explained both our situations in detail. He took notes, said he would have to review the audio and video footage, speak to the officer and get back to us with his findings which could take a month.

I mentioned that I didnt appreciate being threatened in front of my children to do jail time over an exhaust. He agreed that, while the officer was correct that I technically could be summonsed to court for breaking the law repeatedly, it is extreme for an officer to threaten jail time for an exhaust. He said there's no way that would happen.

So the Inspector finished by giving us his card and saying that we have nothing to fear in our neighbourhood and that if we ever felt threatened or targetted by any officer to give him a call directly.

So, after this meeting we feel better about reporting this incident to a superior. Time will tell what he finds or comes back with. Regardless, we will press on and fight these charges in the court.

Once I hear back from the Inspector I will post his response to our situation.

Thanks again for those that have responded with support and feedback.

Very mature and civil aproach, much respect to you and your wife. Good luck at trial!