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Originally Posted by Twinbo View Post
I see the angle there. How about it being an oil and gas salesperson's car? That way the stock options offset the gas pump pain!
hehe... I guess we all have to justify sometimes the things we do to ourselves.. This was my logic.... and it worked.

for those who are wondering, just exactly what did you tell your wife/spouse when you decided to pickup one of these, well for me... I had her sold on reliabilty. She still struggles to call it an M3... shes says M4.. maybe shes trying to get on my nerves... I still had to prove to her that there are little to no documented issues within the warranty period of the M3, even though it costs more to own (monthly payments) and the km/l average is higher. Other than that, she like the colour ... even my ma said nice color. What is it with Alpine White? When I was living in Dubai, a white car meant "Car Rental".

My main motivator was Attila my mechanic; he drives one too with only 22K on it..(TechMax Auto); He convinced me to move out of my VR6 and into the 3-Series world. He told me that the 328 was better on reliability than my 335. I learnt that lesson the hard way (HPFP/Thermostat/Injectors/Camshaft/Turbos) all broke down eventually on the 335i. Warranty Paid, but you cannot put a price on Time spent in the garage and weekends stranded on the 400. Sold her @108Km for $17K. Sniff Sniff.
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