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Originally Posted by dnotorious View Post
@TwinBo: It was Greg Hubley @ Budds Oakville.
@UNivek: If you could send me some pics that would be great. Right now its just one "Rear-Facing" infant seat. I have my eyes on this Safety 1st Product.

Interesting Moment...Yesterday I returned my logitech G27 (imma avid simulation guy for GT5/FM3) . This toy had it all. I used it for a whole 3 weeks and played the BMW M3 Drive Challenge. So I had to immediately return; because this is no match for the real thing. Perhaps when my son-to-come becomes of age, then maybe again.

So the pics are coming.. I promise... but it wont do it justice. It's winter mode....I mean am I running Hankook Icebear's 245/40/18's on ET35 throughout the car (direct swap from 335i). Needs spacers or perhaps better offset ET15. I apologize in advance if I give the E90 a bad view to other ethusiasts

I decided to work from home today. I am still going through that "I fkn cant believe I got this machine in my driveway". Everytime I look @ it, I feel someone is gonna take it from me... (I had the same feeling with the 335i).... however with the 335i i was immediate to look into hp/lbs gains. With this I feel like it was built just for me by engineer's who spend hrs in testing and calibration, who the fk am I to think I know better and mod this car. Much respect to the engineering department.

Being in IT, i work within an engineering group myself and specialize in SharePoint, which i am really anal about. So in my own mind, I feel that this is the "Engineer's Car". Not the Architects, Not the Operations or Service Rep, Not the Sales or Marketing, but the Engineers Car. Precision, Reliability and Fault Tolerance.
I see the angle there. How about it being an oil and gas salesperson's car? That way the stock options offset the gas pump pain!