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WTF are you looking at?
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Originally Posted by AudiS5 View Post
Ya I'm under 30 and I have more sense than both these retards filmed in this video. I have a few friends in the NYPD and one friend who just got home from his second tour in Iraq. A little ass hammer isn't life threatening when the guy isn't even within swinging distance yet, from what I can see. I respect most cops and most of the time I side with them, but this video displays pure stupidity. There was enough time and man power to approach the situation differently. Are you that ignorant that you dont see that? This isn't a movie so if you fuck with a cop you die. Damn right this isn't a fucking movie and this cop should have his badge taken away as its clear by him emptying his clip into a human who is clearly on the floor, he was just trigger hungry. The guy was holding a hammer...if you think that many shots are required to subdue him then you're just as sick as that cop.
Yep, I am done. You are completely disconnected from reality. You still think life is a movie. He is swinging a weapon at a police officer. They already tried using non-lethal means to subdue him and it only made him angry. What you are saying is they should "attempt" to tackle him or find some other way to control an obviously crazy person that is prepared to swing a weapon at a police officer. You pull a weapon or brandish a weapon at a police officer and ignore commands to drop the weapon, YOU GET SHOT. That's it... end of story. You don't shoot him once and hope that does the trick.. you fire and continue firing.. Show this video to your friends in the NYPD or your friend that just returned from his tours and they will say the EXACT SAME THING I am saying to you.

First lesson you are taught when you learn about fire arms is NEVER POINT THE GUN AT SOMETHING YOU DON'T INTEND TO KILL....