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Originally Posted by RedBarron View Post
I am not sure how much you have shot guns but, or what guns the cops are carrying but I have a 40 cal sub compact Glock. It is very very hard to be that accurate with a handgun. Under a stressful situation like that I would give a very low probability of my self shooting some one in the leg from 20 feet in a split second, I would aim for their body mass and shot a few times.
Split second? The guy wasn't running at the point the shots were fired, he wasn't lunging, he wasn't airborne. He was walking and cocked his hand back to swing plenty of time for a trained officer of the law who is standing five feet away to fire 3 shots at his arms, shoulders or legs and hit one. Not saying the guy didn't deserve some sort of reprocussion for his action, but a death sentance, IMO, wasn't justified from what I saw. Sorry to anyone who disagrees with me.