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Originally Posted by AudiS5 View Post
That cops got some real fucking issues. Tough guy with a gun, If he felt it was necessary to shoot him it could've been handled in a different way. Leg, arm, shoulder all would've sufficed without takin this guys life
i'm sorry, but the old adage never stupid games, win stupid prizes. this guy wants to go around bashing in windows, threatening innocent bystanders, and bowing up to cops with a crowbar, he get exactly what he had coming. besides, cops aren't trained to shoot to maim. if they deem it necessary to use DEADLY force, that's exactly what they do. i saw nothing in the video that suggests the cop acted out of line. if i was a cop and some crazy guy was coming at me with any sort of blunt object with the intent to do harm, i probably would have unloaded on him, too. there are too many intangibles if you were to use less lethal weapons on him. who's to say a tazer would have stopped him from swinging? pepper spray only made him more angry.

edit: oh he did get tazered! didn't stop him at all. he won the ultimate stupid prize for sure.