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I know that the V1 has a very loyal following as does Escort. I currently own a Passport 9500xi, Passport Solo S3 (cordless) and two Escort Qi45 remote radar detectors (one installed the other awaiting installation). I also owned a K40 RL360 remote detector that was in my MB C300 which I recently sold. I have not done any scientific testing, but all of these detectors have proven helpful to me in avoiding tickets. With that being said, I am not buying any more detectors that stick on my windshield or any visible parts of my car. I bought the two Qi45s from Best Buy that were clearanced down to $209; so I bought the remaining two in stock. Of all these detectors, I liked the K40 the best, but with the price I paid, the Qi45 is an absolute steal.

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