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Originally Posted by TTBear View Post
Hahahahahaha..... I agree. "A face only a mother could love" (if that mother was a baboon, LOL).

I took it up to Regina to have the safety done, as all the local places were booking way into January. I could NOT get on it - temps were minus 3 to zero, but completely dry roads. It was 90-110kph the whole way... Z rated tires and freezing temps don't mix very well, unfortunately. I tried getting on it a few times, but even after "warming" the tires up, it was a no go.... so, I had tons of people blowing by me with their winter/all season rubber....

I will post up and update in the spring. Right now, it's up on the lift, after my 14 hour detailing session, and waiting semi-patiently for spring/summer.

Thanks for asking!

It might of been a slower drive but I am sure it was a good one! Will look forward to hearing your review in the spring! Enjoy in good health!