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Originally Posted by Grauss
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I understand what you mean but I'm not transferring in my 4th year. And even though it is just a cal state, it's still reputable; plus our MBA program is known.
I will get my masters with time, but as far as my bachelors I'm just going to finish it from here
Goldman Sachs doesn't hire out of UC blablabla. Wanna know why? Because there's literally 20+ UC blablablas. I know you're saying you don't want to transfer in your fourth year, but honestly, if you haven't already interned at a BB, you have literally no chance of getting hired at one from a UC blablabla. If you're idea of a career is a BB, transfer, it's the only way. Sorry for being realistic.
My plan now is just get my masters, at a highly "reputable" college, since my gpa is quite sufficient. In the meantime, I'll see what type of job I land