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Originally Posted by myicedm3 View Post
radar is dated technology, period. In my opinion get a laser jammer, since thats all the real cops are using anyway and it'll prevent those serious tickets from coming in. Any ticket i've ever gotten was b/c a cop was using a laser gun, radar detectors are useless unless u wanna know where the nearest strip malls are

I'm not sure what is meant by a "serious ticket" with regards to laser, because you'll get ticketed for speeding whether you're caught with radar or laser. The use of radar vs. laser really depends on what law enforcement prefers to use in your area. While x-band and POP are rarely used anymore, k-band and ka-band are still widely used. Common sense and a good radar detector should be the first defenses. A good laser jammer system (that is properly installed) should provide security against laser, since the laser detection on a radar detector will only let you know that you're about to be pulled over (of course, if you were speeding at the time).

And as for the strip mall issue, there are multiple radar detectors out there (including the STiR+ that I mentioned earlier) that use a GPS signal to mark and lock out false alerts. These units are more expensive, but it's really not that much if you're already considering a laser jammer.