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Originally Posted by E90SoFlo View Post
You can realist it, If its marked as spam they will send you and email and you have to repost it again and change it slightly. Don't worry CL is full of "actual" spammers.
I've made the listing on Sunday around 7:30pm, but when I made this post on this forum, it still had not shown up. I didn't get an email from them if they marked it as spam either...

Originally Posted by SONAR View Post
Craigslist is very easy to post on. How long did you wait before deleting the listing? Every single time I've posted on craigslist, it goes exactly as it did for you. I make the listing, with the link I'm able to see it, as well as others. It takes a while for it to show up in search results. Just be patient, not really a big deal.
What I've decided to do is to delete the post and will re-post it using the built-in image uploader just to be safe.

Will let you know how it goes...and you guys are lucky when it comes to posting. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time!